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Over the years I’ve collated lots of articles and information and been inspired by so many great writers, researchers, midwives and fellow therapists. There are some areas on which I often get asked for my thoughts, so here I’ve finally been able to consolidate the reading and people that have helped further my understanding.

Please bear in mind these are not “fact” sheets but a sharing of that which I hope you’ll find helpful. Please feel free to share with others too.

Getting raised eyebrows when you mention HypnoBirthing?
Here's a helpful document you can download and send to family and friends which explains what HypnoBirthing is and how then can best support you in your birth choices.

If you like this...
It’s fascinating learning about pregnancy and childbirth, right? Here's some suggestions for further reading, websites and blogs that I, and millions of others, have found inspiring.

Are you considering home birth?
The latest guidelines from NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence), published in December 2014, confirmed that many more women should be encouraged to give birth out of hospital – either in a Midwife-Led Unit or in their own home - as the rate of intervention is lower. If you’re considering home birth or wondering whether you should, please read this.

Packing a bag for birth away from home?
Even if you’re planning a home birth it’s wise to have a bag packed too, just in case baby has other ideas. Here's what you might consider packing.

“Haven’t you had that baby yet?”
The pressure (often unknowingly) placed on a mum-to-be by those around her who assume your "due date" is when the baby is actually supposed to show up can be enormous! Given that only 4% of babies arrive on their due date and that science clearly tells us babies arrive anywhere within a five week window (generally) it’s wise to think more vaguely as to when your little one will deem is their time to be born. This is a collection of thoughts around “due dates” and suggestions as to what you might like to consider doing if you’re “overdue”.

Supporting an induced labour
Induction is a topic we cover extensively in my hypnobirthing course. There is a great deal of concern at the high levels of induced labours and yet the risks of induction are rarely fully explained to expectant parents. There are occasions however when parents make an informed decision that induction is the best option for them. This offers support for those inducing labour with links to positive birth stories and resources.

Healing after a caesarean birth
Some babies need to be born by caesarean section and special consideration is needed for reccovery - this outlines lots of tips women I've worked with have found to be helpful in the healing process along with affirmations to help keep mind and body working together.

Baby's here, now what?!
HypnoBirthing isn't just about the birth, it informs you as a person how to calm your body and your mind and approach life confidently and positively. These are just the qualities you need in this new chapter of life too and this sheet has links to practical suggestions for healing, dealing with a newborn and local contacts for support with breastfeeding, talking over your birth experience and what to do locally with a baby.

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